Jason Upton



Jason Upton has worked as an appraiser in Canada since 1994 and overseen over 100,000 reports prepared on all classes of properties. Jason’s career has included working as Western Regional Director for Nationwide Appraisals (Canada’s largest appraisal management company) for 5 years so has also worked closely with lenders (as well as appraisers) on risk management tools and systems.

In launching Aedis Appraisals USA Inc., Jason plans to bring the proven and effective systems for timely, accurate and quality reports to the United States and looking forward to forge valuable partnerships with lenders and appraisers alike.

“Good appraisers are problem solvers and we aim to solve the valuation challenges in this ever changing environment in order to suit our client’s needs. We don’t ever say no, we work with the client and find a way to work out a viable solution and then execute, for the timeline they require”

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Florida, USA