Sonny Caldwell

Office Administrator


Administration, Project Management, Recruiting & Appraisal Support , Day to Day Task Management

Sonny brings over 25 years of experience in business support to our team. She has worked extensively in Real Estate and Finance and brings her expertise in administration to our team. Sonny’s avid research skills and dedication to vendor and client success has led her to many opportunities to participate in a myriad of projects supporting clients and individual appraisers alike . Her well-rounded experience represents strong analytical skills, staff and office management, event coordination and sales – all the while being a friendly team player.

With experience in strategic marketing, schedule management, and what really needs to happen behind the scenes to make day to day business run smoothly. Sonny is ready to take on whatever comes her way. From appraisal orders to recruiting knowledgeable appraisers to your booking and scheduling needs , she believes that each task is deserving of attention to detail. She is passionate about clear and effective messaging. Sonny has a solid appraisal and finance knowledge base and is experienced with industry software and applications . As technology changes, she is one of the first to adopt and embrace new skills.

Contact info

+1 754-779-4390
Florida, USA